Apple Is Expected To Design Its Own Custom Power Management Chips By 2019

Apple Is Expected To Design Its Own Custom Power Management Chips By 2019

Apple is constant taking new steps to provide good user satisfaction. One of the industry analysts has recently claimed that Apple is planning to design and manufacture its own technology and currently it is working on custom power management chips.

According to Bankhaus Lampe reports Apple is trying to replace the PMIC chips provided by Dialog, with their own power management chips. For manufacturing these chips, the company has appointed 80 engineers along with third-party suppliers, says report.

What are Power Management Chips?

The power management chips control the voltage and charging for various device components. As low battery life issue is faced by many iDevice users, the use of such chips will prove to be beneficial. It is hoped that Apple will launch the device equipped with their own power management chips by 2019.

Also, some reports provide a hint that these chips are already under development stage in California and Munich. Apple has also hoped that one day they would be able to develop core technologies on their own that will help them in long run to gain competitive advantage.

The British company named Dialog Semiconductor will face huge losses as they provide power management chips to the iDevices and 74% of their sales revenue comes from Apple. The features of these chips are efficiency and good battery life.

This move may become a reality because recently the company has also informed Imagination Technologies that they will not use their graphics chip. The report clearly indicated that Apple is heading forward to develop their own core technologies so that they will have more control over their devices, instead of using third party components.

Apple devices compete against its rivals like Samsung, Xiaomi and annually millions of iPhones are sold globally. Hence, with the development own chips, the company can manufacture the iPhone and other iDevices more quickly and they can be customized easily.

The report also suggests that many battery life concerns for iPhones, including iPhone 7 may have forced company to drop Dialog chips and design their own custom power management chips.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple succeeds in combating battery life issues with its own in-house chips.

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