Apple Will No Longer Support 32-Bit Apps For iOS 11 Which Will Be Launched In September

The next operating system coming to Apple will create many problems for iPhone and iPad users. Your favorite 32-bit apps will no longer support the next iOS updated version. The new update by Apple that will be released in September will completely wave goodbye to the 32-bit apps. This initiative is taken by the company to move towards 64-bit architecture. If this holds true then 187,000 apps will face compatibility issue. Also, the new iPhone 8 will be rolled out by Apple in the second half of this year.

Good-bye to 32-bit Apps

One of the iOS developer called Steven Troughton-Smith said that all developers need to update their legacy apps or they may no longer enjoy their traditional 32-bit apps.

As of now, these apps are working fine with iOS 10.3. But, once iOS 11 rolls out in September, these apps will no longer be compatible with their device and will give warning messages. Hence, if you use traditional iPad or iPhone devices to play your favorite game, it’s time to wave goodbye to them. This is one of the cleanup process initiated by the company to remove all problematic apps from the app store. If a user tries to open a 32-bit app in iOS 10.3 beta then a notification will be displayed on the screen warning the users to update their app.

The notification will show up the following message window saying:

  • App needs to be updated (It will not work for the upcoming iOS versions and needs to improve –compatibilty)

In order to identify the 32-bit applications present on your iPhone/iPad device, the company has designed a tool.

To identify the 32-bit apps on your device, Go to Settings, click on General, click on About and then Applications. Here you will see a list of 32-bit apps on your device. As iOS 11 release is expected soon, you will experience the developer’s update soon.

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