Facebook Will Make Typing With Brain and Hearing With Skin A Reality


Facebook Will Make Typing With Brain and Hearing With Skin A Reality Facebook, the social network giant is trying to amaze its users with a new technology, using which a user can type with brain and hear with skin.

The advance hardware group employed by Facebook is working on the technology called “hear with your skin”. This technology will help the hearing-impaired individuals to communicate with others. Not only this, people who can hear can also use this technology for making conversations smoother.

In near future, one can type a message to a friend using their brain and not use their hands. Facebook have spoken about its ongoing research in this field during the F8 developer conference and the technology is called as “silent speech system”.

During this conference, Facebook also revealed its interest in augmented reality and virtual reality concepts. Regina Dugan, vice president of engineering and head of Building 8 said that its building 8 hardware lab is currently working on a technology that will allow you to type your thoughts that are clinging inside your brain and hear through your skin.

Dugan disclosed that Facebook has appointed 60 people to work on this technology that can look inside the people’s brain, decode the speech related signals and then type these words as a message. Our brain and cochleas inside the ear have the power to reconstruct the language from different components and the company is determining various hardware and software that can transfer these components with the help of pressure changes and vibrations. The technology is named as “silent speech system” and it can type up to 100 words per minute. The average manual typing speed of an individual is 40 words per minute. This technology is non-invasive.

This initiative by Facebook seems to be in line with Companies like Tesla and Google. Recently, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla states that he wants to fuse computers with human brains and Google have revealed that they are working on high-tech contact lenses.

Some individuals think that this technology may seem scary and may invade our privacy. But the company said that this will not happen. Consider an example where you click many photographs but select only one to upload, similarly there may be many thoughts running in mind but you can choose only some of them for sharing on Facebook.

Coming towards technology called hearing by skin

We have 2 square meters of skin present on our body equipped with sensors that are linked to the brain via a network of nerves. So, by considering the Braille system which is meant for blind people we can translate electronic messages into signals that can be transferred via skin and then translated via the brain.

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