Google Home Will Be Equipped With Multi-User Support Soon For Its Smart Speaker

Google Home smart speakers

Google will bring multi-user support to the Google Home smart speaker with the aim to provide the high-end user experience. The connected smart speaker may provide users the benefit of multi-user support if the news from the company are assumed to be true. As smart speakers become smarter the company is trying to equip all its devices with latest technologies. However, this feature has not yet rolled out to the Google Home speakers and users have to wait patiently.

The users of Google Home have now received a notification saying “multiple users now supported”. This message is seen in “Discover” tab of the Google Home app.

However, after reading the message some users have tried experimenting this feature but unfortunately, the feature was not supported. It is hoped that the message was sent by mistake and now the company has removed that message.

If the feature rolls out, how it can be beneficial?

This feature will be highly beneficial to the users and the advantages are as follows:

  • The user can set calendar appointments: Multiple users can be able to add appointments to the calendar by just firing voice commands to the Google Home. The device will recognize the individual by his voice and will set the appointment accordingly.
  • Online shopping:  The Google Home helps a user to purchase various products online with the help of voice commands. With multi-user support, users don’t need to sign off manually after the purchase.
  • Evaluating the stock prices: The multiple users can check the stock prices with the help of Google Finance Accounts.

The multi-user support means that the smart speaker should accurately determine the user’s voice and should be able to differentiate between the voices. In order to do so, the company might use the “trusted voice” settings that are available for the Android devices.

The inclusion of this technology may also help Google to compete against its rival called Amazon Echo. Presently, Amazon Echo only supports single user access.

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