McCain Foods Recalled Hash Brown Package Products Due to Golf Ball Materials Found In It

Hash Browns have different appearances and image since they were introduced by many fast food retail joints as a part of the breakfast. For instance, it is introduced by McDonald as a deep fried patty or a shredded version introduced by yum served during lunch and Dinner. But it is considered as an easy to cook product especially for the breakfast and hence has been popular in the ready to eat a range of products. Ready to Cook frozen food products have been common these days as an alternative option to the traditional method of cooking for all the working professionals.

McCain foods are a retail giant in the ready to eat food packaging sectors with a manpower of more than 20,000 people across six continent. It is a major supplier of potato products and other products across 160 countries. Recently on Friday, McCain announced that they are recalling back their two brands that produce and market the Hash Browns due to defect issues related to their unintentionally harvesting with the materials used to produce golf balls. This recall was a voluntary initiative taken by the McCain foods to recall their Harris Teeter Brand and Roundy’s Brand Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns packages of 2lb. No injuries have been reported till date related to the contamination.

McCain’s have provided an explanation related to their stringent and strict inspection policies related to the supply standards and stated that this was an unknown and unintentional contamination happened at the harvesting stage which was highlighted by the FDA. If this contaminated food is consumed then that would result in Choking or any other physical injury to the mouth. This is not the first case highlighted about the contamination from an alien material. Oklahoma-based OK Food had also recalled their breaded chicken products of approximately 900,000 pounds which had a mixture of metal in it.

These 2lb packages were distributed among nine different states in the US including North Carolina, Delaware, Georgia and Florida to name a few. A statement was released by the spokesperson with McCain, that the contamination happened at the field where the potatoes used to produce the product were harvested which was adjoining a golf course. McCain had called back all the packets from the supermarkets that were distributed across all the nine states for both the brands. FDA has declared these products to be contaminated and issued a declaration to avoid purchasing of any packets from the retail outlets.

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