Microsoft Surface CloudBook Will Be Equipped With Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft is organizing an education-based hardware and software event in New York city, during which the company may introduce a new surface CloudBook based on Windows 10 Cloud.

As Microsoft is about to reveal its Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2, the users might not expect its release during this event as this is an education-oriented event.

Microsoft could launch a laptop somewhat similar to Surface tablet and Surface Book at an affordable price. Instead of Windows 10 the Surface CloudBook may run on Windows 10 Cloud. The device is specially designed for education purpose. By integrating Windows 10 Cloud platform the Surface CloudBook can run the apps that are present on Windows Store unless the user manually changes the settings.

Windows 10 Cloud platform is more secured. But one of the limitations of Surface CloudBook is that users cannot run the apps that are not present in the Windows Store.

The concept of Surface CloudBook having Windows 10 Cloud might be similar to Windows RT. The Surface Tablet running Windows RT was similar to the older version of Windows 8. The Windows 8 OS have not become much popular among the users.

Inspite being version of Windows, the Windows RT didn’t really work like Windows and have limited the device performance.

However, the latest Windows 10 cloud is expected to grab more user’s attention. Along with Microsoft, the Google and Apple have been working alongside in the competition. Recently, Google has included Android Apps to Chromebooks and launched convertible, detachable Chromebooks and Apple have provided good keyboard covers to iPad Pro Tablets.

Considering, all this, Microsoft has to gear up in the competition and have to design new hardware at an affordable price.

By the release of Windows 10 Cloud, the company seems to compete against its rivals like Google’s Chromebooks. The Surface CloudBook is expected to be cheaper than other Windows-based devices like Surface Pro.

The educational event is supposed to take place on May 2, but the company has not yet revealed any specifications and features of the Surface CloudBook. However, the device may run on ARM processor as Microsoft have tied knots with Qualcomm last year.

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