Smart Bandages Will Track Your Health Status Using 5G Data

Smart Bandages

As this is the era of smart devices, the smart technology has been reaching to the medical field as well. The researchers from Swansea University have recently developed a 3D printed smart bandage.

The smart bandage is equipped with nano-sized sensors and utilizes 5G data. In past, the NASA scientist has developed an electric bandage that heals wounds quickly, it was known as Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

The new 3D-printed bandage developed by Swansea University is equipped with an element that will track the progress of wound and will send it to the doctor.

The New Smart Bandage That Tracks Wound Healing Status

The traditional bandage when applied to wounds we cannot predict whether the wound is healed or not unless we take off the bandage. But this new Smart bandage may change the existing scenario once it passes the clinical tests.

The smart bandage uses nanotechnology to detect the status of the wound at any point. It then connects the wound to 5G-based structure present inside the bandage. After a connection is established we can get details about the wound.

The nano-sized sensors present inside the smart bandage can detect the status of infection and amount of blood that has clot inside the wound. This information will be passed on to the doctors by wireless means so that they can suggest a faster way to heal the wound.

As 5G technology is known for its robust nature and large bandwidth, this technology will help in the technological advancements of the medical field. Once, the smart bandages clear the clinical trials, the researchers will make these bandages available to healthcare providers at a cheaper price.

Along with doctors, the smart bandage will also inform the patient about the status of the wound. This information will be provided to the patient wirelessly via a smartphone. Apart from just providing the wound status, the smart bandage can also inform the user about improper diet and reduced physical activity.

In addition to this, the abnormalities taking place inside the wound that may require immediate attention can also be traced by this smart bandage.

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