Tesla Surpass General Motors And Ford Motors in Market Valuation With An Asset Value of $50 Billion

Tesla Surpass General Motors and Ford Motors in Market Valuation with An Asset Value of $50 billion

Tesla is an electric car making an innovative company which is known for their high-tech innovations and designs of their cars. Last week, the company managed to keep their market capitalization above General Motors and Ford Motors with their total valuation of stocks above $50 billion. The company is considered as the most valued car manufacturing company in the US. Ideally, Tesla cannot be compared to Ford Motors or General Motors in terms of the number of units these companies produce and sell annually.

For that matter, Tesla managed to ship 24,500 vehicles in the second quarter of the last year compared to double of what they had sold during the previous year. General motors sold nearly 2.4 million vehicles, which is nothing less than 100 times more vehicles than Tesla motors in the same quarter. Since 2014, the automobile market has seen a decline in their capitalization and Ford motors and General motors are not exempted from the hit. But on the contrary, Tesla has seen a rise in their capitalization after the announcement of the development of new car Model 3 in the sedan family. Tesla’s market price increased from $30 billion to $47.62 billion.

The electric and automated car is the future of the automobile industry and Tesla is the first one to be so innovative and predict the future. Tesla is the first company to develop electric cars with their models like Tesla Roadster which was launched in 2008 and Model S, an electric luxury sedan, which was launched in 2012. Tesla is not a giant player like Ford motors and General motors and does not produce bulk cars like them. But looking at the wall street ranking of this electric car manufacturing company, it is clear that the investors have predicted the future and trusts Tesla’s superior innovative technology.

Tesla has invested heavily in lithium-ion cell development and production which is a major component of all those products and devices that runs on batteries. The other sector in automobiles where Tesla seems to be a pioneer is the self-driven automated car section. Many high-tech companies and automobile companies like Uber, Google, Volvo, Nissan and Daimler are in constant efforts to develop the self-driven automated car and predict to develop them by 2020. Tesla, on the contrary already have an auto pilot option installed in almost all of their car models.

Tesla’s car manufacturing division is only a small part of their various innovative high-tech divisions that developed solar panels and lithium-ion cell component division. But after the consideration of Tesla as most valued company in the US, it’s clear that Tesla innovations would be greatly appreciated and accepted by the people.

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