United Airlines Destroy Its Public Image Again By Not Allowing Passengers To Board The Flight

United airlines destroy its public image again by not allowing passengers to board the flight

For the second time in a week, United airlines destroyed its public image. Michael Hohl and his fiancée, Amber Maxwell, were denied to take off on a flight from Houston, Texas on Saturday. This incident has followed the last week incident of a man brutally beaten and dragged by the security officials of the United airlines. The video went viral and lead to the outrage among the people and blowing off the public image of the company. In their justification, United airlines claimed that the man misbehaved with the security officials and then the extreme step was taken.

In the case of Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell, the couple said that they were ready to pay for the extra cost to upgrade their seats after they found that someone was sleeping across their seats. But on the contrary, they were denied by the cabin crew members and asked to move back to their previous seats. The couple were seated in the economy class and expected to be shifted to the economy plus class, the seats of which were just a few rows above the economy rows.

United airlines clearly denied those allegations raised by the couple. The justification blames the couple for the incident. According to United airlines spoke person, the couple were adamant and continuously tried to grab a seat in the upgraded class which they didn’t purchase and also didn’t follow any instructions given by the cabin crew members. They won’t return to their actual seats and would argue with the cabin crew members. Finally, they were asked to leave the plane by the team members. United airlines ensured the couple were provided with proper hotel facilities at discounted rates and were their tickets were booked for the next day flight in the morning.

Two incidents in a row have not only caused a lot of damage to the public image of the airline’s but also decline their share price by 4 percent and closed at $69 last week and the market cap decreased by $770 million to $21.5 billion.  Dr. David Dao, the doctor who was dragged by the United airlines security officials is on the verge of filing a lawsuit against the airlines soon. The public relations team is in constant trying to improve the image of the company and regain the trust of the people. But after the second incidents, things have got worse for United airlines and it’s becoming a more difficult task for the public relations team to achieve.

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