AT&T was making constant attempts to get the communication logs between the Department of Justice and the people belonging to the White House in order to disclose that it impacts their strategic initiative to the merger with Time Warner. Judge Richard J. Leon is currently the judge in the District Court in Washington and handling the case filed by AT&T in relation to their merger deal which was halted by the Justice Department. The judge stated that AT&T failed to prove that they were mistreated or treated differently in this merger deal which led to the halt and cannot move forward their request to disclose the communication logs between the Department of Justice and the White House. Judge Leon also commented that the company has failed miserably to prove that there is a relation between the Department of Justice and the White House people resulting in selective actions against their company individually. The merger between the Time Warner and AT&T was $85 billion deal which was put to a halt by the Justice Department and this decision by Judge Leon proved beneficial and in favor of the Justice Department.

This successfully diverted the rising queries and questions related to the role of the government in the decision-making process of the Department of Justice and their extent of interference. This merger was very crucial for both the organizations since they are currently the giant companies in their respective sectors and combined they would have become much larger than their competitors across the country. The company is not demotivated by the decisions taken by Judge Leon and has a positive perspective related to the future upcoming trial. The Justice Department also provided a similar statement stating that they respect the decision taken by Judge Leon and this would ensure that the parties are directly focusing on their respective strategies in relation to the case. The comments stated by the AT&T clearly highlight that the decision of the Justice Department to stop the deal was purposely taken in order to support the currently in power government.

The current government run by President Donald Trump was never in favor of this deal and this was clearly disclosed by the President much before the elections. The company has added the name of the head of antitrust from the Department of Justice, Makan Delrahim in their witness list under the same allegations about the interference of the government in the decisions of the Justice Department. The lawyers of AT&T requested the court to permit them to get all kinds of communication logs like emails, list of phone calls of all the employees and any other communication methodologies between the Justice Department and the White House.

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