Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S7 already suffered its part of controversies last year, when the batteries started to explode. Samsung immediately recalled more than 1.5 million pieces from the market to save their image and reputation. This was a huge setback for Samsung and expected Samsung Galaxy S8 to regain the trust and confidence of their customers. But even before its launch and availability to the rest of the world, there are complaints from some pre-ordered pieces in South Korea which were delivered before time by the e-commerce companies.

Social media sites and local media sites were flooded with photos and comments about the issue of Samsung Galaxy S8 wherein they found the piece with a red- tinted screen. This would spoil their viewing experience as the images look distorted. A spokesperson informed the South Korean news agencies that the red tint is not a quality issue from Samsung’s end but a manual error which can be resolved by the customer by changing the phone settings and the problem would be fixed permanently. They also commented that the mobile has a blue- light filter which could be one of the potential reasons for the visible red tint.

According to Samsung spokesperson, this was one of the additional facility made available to their users wherein they have access to a variety of color option which was done by adding a visual color optimization mode. Samsung Galaxy S7 explosive battery issue due to overheating has been in the scanner for past few months and this is the chance for Samsung to make a solid comeback and regain its lost position in the market. Samsung had already caught in a lot of controversies in recent past wherein the Samsung Electronics‘ de facto head, Jay Y. Park’s name appeared in a political controversy for bribing Park Geun-Hye who is currently a suspended Korean President.

Samsung Galaxy S series is always been compared with I Phone series. Both the tech giants have made constant efforts to provide the most developed and high-end technology experience to their loyal customers through these series. But Samsung somewhere seems to lack the expertise to provide this experience to their customers during the last two attempts with Samsung S7 series and Samsung S8’s current issue posted by the customers on the social media sites. Customers who have received their phone also claim that the claims made by the Samsung spokesperson bout manually adjusting the red tint doesn’t really work and has led to disappointment among these loyal customers. Let’s hope, Samsung makes a comeback with a proper and permanent resolution for this disappointment for its customers.

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