Scientist Terrified With Threats Of Natural Calamities In Near Future Due To Increased Pace Of Ice Melting In Antarctica

Summers have just started in many parts of the world and so is the ice melting in the Antarctica. The Earth Institute at Columbia University issued a journal highlighting the increasing threat due to increase in the pace of ice melting happening in many parts of Antarctica. A video was released by the institute of a huge waterfall flowing with the Nansen ice shelf which is 30 miles long in length and 10 miles wide in breadth. The scientist indicates that the increase in the flow of melting ice poses a threat in the present instead of the future.

Scientists have indicated that this ice melting is increasing the sea levels to a greater height. Ice melting due to increase or change in temperature is a natural procedure but recently this activity is increased in many parts of the Antarctic continent, thereby increasing the threat to the countries nearby to the ocean boundaries. Scientists have been researching and studying the melting pattern of the ice since the beginning of the 20th century with the photographs taken of the surface water through military aircraft since 1947 and images through satellites from 1977. The study confirmed that there are more than 700 small ponds of ice water surrounding the continent which is interconnected to each other.

These 700 small ponds and water bodies vary in their length and width. The ponds have a minimum range from 75 miles in length and covering several miles of area in width. The study also revealed the fast melting and flowing of ice through glacier from the mountain ranges as well. Due to increase in temperature and velocity of the wind flowing through these mountain ranges, these ice sheets which were covering the mountain ranges are melting and increasing the ocean water level by mixing with the oceans. Now predictions are made about the probability with which the melting of ice is taking place in the Antarctic continent. Due to increase in the temperature level during the winters, the water bodies continue to flow instead of it becoming the ice again. Huge ice bodies including the Larsen have already melted and increased the threat to be nearby instead of in the future.

Talking about the other pole, the situation has been the same. Even in the Greenland, water bodies are increasing at a huge pace. Nearly 90 percent of the area has undergone ice melt due to various reasons and the impact might work as a lesson for us. Global warming issue has been increasing day by day and it is high time that actions need to be taken to avoid any disaster.

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