Tesla Gets Another Hit Due to Brake Issue With Their Model X and Model S Car

The electric car manufacturing giant faced another with brake issues in their model X and model S car and had to recall them for replacement and repair purpose. This is the second hit in last one week after the lawsuit filed against the dysfunctional self-pilot feature of the sedan car. There was no case or lawsuit filed for any such issue related to the parking brake but Tesla voluntarily called back these cars. Tesla managed to produce 53,000 cars between February and October 2016, out of which they found out that 2 percent of that production batch, has encountered the problem with the parking brake.

Tesla’s recall decision cost them a decline in their share prices by 1 percent and closing at $302.51. Tesla issued a statement by stating that there might be an issue with the electric brake system which is installed in their Model X and Model S cars related to the installation of small gear. The third party who manufactures these electric brakes might be responsible for it. Tesla has produced more than 83,922 cars including Model X and Model S. Tesla also stated that fortunately till now they haven’t received any complaints or any reports or accidents due to this fault and has proactively decided for the recall. In fact, Model S received a five-star rating from the US federal government agency and was considered as the safest car with minimum chances of injury to the travelers.

Already Tesla is hit with a lawsuit in California regarding the improper functioning of their self-pilot feature which is one of the key differentiators for them. Tesla has denied these allegations stating that the case misrepresents many facts related to those models and a filthy trick to damage their reputation. This proactive decision for a recall had shown the concern of Tesla for its customers and to maintain their trust in this brand. A similar recall of Model S was made in November 2015, when they found some fault with the seatbelt connectivity.

Tesla has been very positive and enthusiastic about their future plans and innovations. Recently, Tesla has made an announcement about the launch of Model 3 which would be an affordable sedan car. They already have a pre-booking of 400,000 cars in comparison to their other models. Tesla’s Chief Executive also announced the launch of an electric lorry in September and an electric pick-up truck, which is under process and will be launched by the end of 2019.

The recall procedure has been already started with notices issued to the owners about the process through which the electric brakes would be replaced and returned back to them.

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